Very quiet wild life

MoleIt seems very quiet on the Go Local Food wild life front at the moment. There’s a mole who is persistently trying to dig into the bottom poly tunnel. There are also other rodents trying to create warm nests for themselves in the same area. However Ian is onto the tricks of all of them and is taking steps to discourage them from visiting.

The rabbits seem to be elsewhere at the moment – in crowds on the road leading into Riding Mill it would seem. We would be happy to see them stay in that area.

Bridget and Ian were clearing up in the fruit orchard at Temperley and whilst clearing long grass and leaves discovered a solitary frog who may well have been hunkering down for the winter in the undergrowth. They moved him to a cosy pile of leaves in an out of the way corner and tucked him up out of the way. But a couple of hours later on checking up, the frog was gone. Obviously he didn’t want to be disturbed again.

We like the fruit orchard at Temperley as it provides goodies such as the basis for the home made jam that Go Local Members can sometimes buy when collecting their crop share.