Outside work this week

onion setsDespite it being December there is still work to be done outside on the Go Local Food fields.

More winter onions will be planted outside over the weekend whilst the weather is friendly.

Hope is that the delivery of compost will arrive this week. Unfortunately the trailer that was supposed to transport it last week broke so this was delayed – which has held up work in the poly tunnels of course.

It appears that there will be a good crop of Jerusalem artichokes. However Ian would like to be able to move the crop to a better space so that an even better crop can be produced. At the moment that is a plan in progress.

The large beech hedge between the two Go Local Food fields has eventually been cut completely for the year. The outside hedge between us and the road needs cutting but we are not too sure who is responsible for this. It looks as if we may have to undertake further hedge cutting needs to be done over the winter.