Growing work – even in December

compostThe compost hasn’t yet arrived at Go Local Food and Ian is now seriously held up. He is unable to plant up more hanging baskets and various mustards from the seed trays into the raised beds in the top poly tunnel. Not good for successional sowing of crops that.

The onion sets in the poly tunnels are doing well in the mild weather but those outside are finding it very wet underfoot.

Did anyone else notice a couple of exceptionally cold days where the frost didn’t lift just before the first named storm of the winter? Well one day the thermometer in the heated poly tunnel registered minus 4.6 degrees. Yes minus! Obviously not very warm then. But this was followed by wet and milder weather. From one extreme to the other by way of wet and windy. We do seem to be having a very varied month weather wise.

Time to take cuttings of the various herbs to get a head start for the new season said Ian walking past the tubs on his way to another job.

Hoops and netting have had to be applied to the green kale as the pigeons (and possibly rabbits) have decided that food elsewhere is short so have come to visit to see what our fields have to offer.