Spare time over the winter break?

gardenerGo Local Food has several projects on the go so if you feel like getting out of the house and working off Christmas excesses, here’s your opportunity!

The Palace is going to get a new roof – when we have acquired the necessary corrugated iron. There are plans for the space where the dome used to be. And a new ‘cabin’ is being constructed to provide shelter for work shares and volunteers. Also a store built of pallets needs erecting by the Palace in order to be able to store the netting out of the way but in a fashion that is easy to access when volunteers and work shares need it to protect crops from pests.

Ian is going to be working on some of these (Thursday 29th and Friday 30th December as well as Thursday 5th and Friday 6th January 2017) over the winter gap and would be pleased with any extra pairs of hands.

Contact him directly or email to arrange to help.