Work still goes on!

seedlingsThe empty raised beds in the top poly tunnel are being filled up ready for planting up now that the compost has arrived.

40 rosemary cuttings have been taken and planted up into tubs for next year. They are getting a head start with some protection from the weather in one of the poly tunnels.

The Go Local Food top field is cleared of crops and ready to work on for next year’s growing season. The plan is to give it a good harrowing to loosen and move the weeds before it is deeply ploughed. The ploughing has already been arranged with someone who has a nice big plough. There is manure to be spread on the field after ploughing – already a large heap near the palace with more to be delivered.

The kale is firmly under hoops and netted against the hungry pigeons. Let’s hope that the winds this year don’t remove all the netting as happened in the storms last winter.