People and places caught with camera in hand

Lots of pictures of things happening on the field this Friday!liz beech

Liz Beech our volunteer co-ordinator was caught on camera in action in one of the Go Local Food poly tunnels. Ian says that he’ll get this bed filled up with lambs lettuce out of the seed tray now that it has fertiliser in it.

work share coffee break

I arrived later than normal on the fields and caught on camera the first coffee break of the morning after many other jobs had been done. This space won’t be free when growing gets fully under way which is why there are plans for a work share rest space elsewhere on site.

Raised carrot bed

The completed raised bed which should be for carrots later in the year had a thick layer of snow on it still. It’s shaded by the poly tunnel.

polytunnel full

And I spotted a fully planted up poly tunnel whilst walking around with the camera still in my hand and switched on. It was no morning to stand still but a good day with the light to catch things happening around Go Local Food.