Catching up on the jobs

Crop Share January 2017It’s all action on the Go Local Food fields now that the year has properly begun. Yes it’s well after the end of the Christmas and New Year festivities.

The repairs to the shed are going on apace. At the moment Grower Ian is waiting to hear about a supply of roofing material. Mind you, with gales, snow and the forecast of heavy rain over the weekend into Monday it’s not the sort of weather to be up on the roof.

As soon as the weather allows the ground to dry a little there will be a concerted effort to get the last of the winter onions outside into the ground. We do have three or four beds but we can use more for our members.

Other than that – Jude has planted about 500 broad beans in trays to grow on in the poly tunnels. In another two or three weeks this will have to be done again to keep the successional growing going.

The work shares have been out on the field on Friday picking for the first crop shares of the season. Some items are bought in but Go Local Food still has some things to put into the crop shares.