Crop Planning for 2017 – pictures too

tidy poly tunnelFirst things first, there was a major tidy up of tools in the poly tunnel so that we should be able to find things easily when work shares and volunteers need to use them for preparing beds, sowing and planting.

Ian is putting together the seed list to keep the Go Local Food fields and poly tunnels full over the coming season.

So far the seed potatoes have been ordered from Halls of Heddon next door to us. These will come in three groups:

potatoesFirst Earlies will be Orla, Rocket and Pentland Javelin; Second Earlies will be Wilja and Nadine; and the main crop will be Charlotte and Carla

This year also the entire brassica crops have been ordered through Halls of Heddon to arrive as plugs to be planted out directly into the ground. This turns out to be a cheaper option than bringing them on ourselves with the cost of running heating at £80 a week.

cabbagesAs Halls run their heating to produce crops for themselves to sell it seems sensible to take advantage of their space and it also supports another local business.