Crop Share for week ending 21st January 2017

Jerusalem Artichokes

Ian says:

Potatoes, Jerusalem Artichokes, kale, onions, carrots, parsnips

Hmm! Jerusalem artichokes – a variety of sunflower and not to be confused with globe artichokes. “Jerusalem artichokes can be cooked in much the same way as potatoes or parsnips and are excellent roasted, sautéed or dipped in batter and fried, or puréed to make a delicious soup” says the BBC good food site.

1 thought on “Crop Share for week ending 21st January 2017

  1. African sunflower artichokes do not get absorbed in the bowel. So If you eat too much you will have lots of flatulence and abdo pain. Use artichokes as an additive and not as the main part of the dish. It contains inulin so this will ferment in your bowel and you will not be comfortable.

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