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The Great Tidying up

by on January 20, 2017

tidying upIan has declared this week and next as the great end of winter tidy up on the Go Local Fields.

The poly tunnel used for the Christmas crop share is being cleared ready for seeds to be sown soon. This means that all the paraphernalia used for the Christmas crop share needs to go back into the Palace for the normal weekly crop share collections. This growing season comes around sooner than we all expect in the drear days of January.

Liz, our volunteer co-ordinator, spent this morning walking the fields asking Ian what needs to be cleared as part of the All Hands on the Fields on Saturday 28th January (10 am – 12 noon, lend a hand, hot drinks provided and gossip of course). Yes there will be provision for getting rid of the rubbish and debris. It will be quite easy and not long to do if we have many hands to help.

There was a regular question about whether Liz could have this and that wood for the bug hotel that is being mooted. This is something that we hope will be used to get local children involved. Presently at the planning stage.


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  1. Jola Weaver permalink

    Just wanted to question if pond is a good idea. This mean there may be safety issue with children as they will not be able free range.

  2. Christine permalink

    Jola – a bug hotel is not a pond and doesn’t involve water. It’s like the suggestion here –

    Which is why Liz was looking for wood and such.

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