Necessary jobs on the fields

compost heapThere’s a compost heap next to one of the Go Local Food poly tunnels that has to be riddled out and the rubbish in it taken to the incinerator that will appear in the area for burning.

The soil that remains will be the start of one or two small raised beds that will go in the place of the present unsightly heap. No specific planting plans at the moment but it will provide extra space.

Storage space made of pallets for environmesh and wire had been mooted to be by the Palace but it may well be that it would be more convenient to have them in this area so that there is less moving needed when these items are required.


compost heap start 2017

The start of the compost heap for 2017 has appeared. No grower should be without a working compost heap. It takes care of a lot of spent growth and produces something in the form of compost that we can use in the future to improve the soil for more crops.


top fields

At the moment we are still finally clearing things from the top field so that ploughing and composting can happen. Sorry Scarecrows 2016 but you have to move out. Your job for the season is done. Future scarecrows will have to come along in spring to take over for 2017. Plans are being made for the next competition.