Yummy Brussels Sprouts

brussels sproutsWe have a project developer called Stephanie Moore who has 6 days work with us through the Awards for All grant that also enabled us to employ Liz Beech as our volunteer coordinator. Stephanie uses this recipe for her brussels sprouts and says:
“You will probably all have your favourite recipe for Brussels sprouts, so let me share mine with you. This recipe makes lovely rich nutty flavoursome sprouts. There are 3 ingredients. Sprouts, garlic, butter, + salt/pepper
Cook time
Takes about 5 mins to cook depending whether you are al dente person or suck em up through a straw person.
  • How many? ..as many or as few as you like.
  • Do the usual …take off outer leaves and clean up thing.
  • Trim up the stalk bit so its clean.
  • Cut in half through the stalk.
  1. Again depending on how many sprouts, as you don’t want the garlic to overpower the lovely nutty sprout taste.
  • Peel a clove(s), pop a bit of salt onto the chopping board, and squash and mash the garlic into the salted cutting board with a fork to release the oils and flavour
  • In a pan,  put a big knob of butter and gently melt. Don’t let it brown. Just warm it. Whilst melting add the sprouts face down so they cover the bottom of the pan.  Don’t overlap them. Add the garlic and swirl it around a bit, so the butter slightly coats everything
  • Gently increase the heat , but NOT highest level and keep an eye on them. Check now and again by sticking a fork into them and turning over to see if the bottom is browning. You want a nice green top and a bit of a burnt bum.
  • When cooked to your liking, serve. This is a rich dish so you need to balance with other foods. You don’t want everything rich tasting in one plate
How to serve? Some ideas.
  • Well as part of a meat and 2 veg meal with crisp salad. Very nice.
  • Add to spaghetti, adding some grated cheese on top .
  • There will be butter left in the pan, hence don’t burn it, to coat the spaghetti in
  • Add a bit of red  e.g. red pepper, tomato… to offset the green maybe?
  • Maybe  add a few fennel seeds to give it a bit of a taste surprise as this is a rich dish
  • Or even , which I often do finely grate lemon zest over things to offset the richness and balance up flavours.”