Pictures of what we built

It was a very interesting willow work shop from the looks of it and lots of pictures were taken to show the progress during the morning – if you are on Facebook you won’t see all the pictures as they won’t transfer over so it’s worth coming to visit the blog.

First off job was to build a willow arch.

building the arch

Then we had to learn to dress and plait the arch.learning to plait

dressing the arch

There was a lot of working on the screen to be done.

working on the screen


And eventually there was a finished article – though you can see that there is a figure there who looks as if more work is needed. Yep – the next session will be dressing the grower – not Ian our real life one but the one that you can see here if you look carefully! This will be done using woven willow and making vegetables by weaving willow into shapes. Maybe there will even be leaves and flowers woven.

The finished willow screen

And here are some of the working group who did all the hard work!

The willow work shop group