Work on the fields

Go Local hanging basketsIan has received eight hanging baskets after the appeal went out. Thank you everyone – he’s down to looking for the final dozen so if you find any more or have friends with ones to spare please keep them coming.

It was a nicely sunny day outside for the Go Local Food work shares on Friday.

Joan and Jude picked kale in the sun; John was seen lifting sorrel ready for it to be split and put in pots so that the area next to one of the poly tunnels could be properly cleared. Alongside him Chris the work share (lot of ladies called Christine around at Go Local Food) was shaking soil off the couch grass that had been weeded out of one of the beds (and a decent sized pile it was). The couch grass was destined for the burning pile – it’s just not at all good for composting as it goes on growing no matter how hot the compost pile. It’s a good sign when weeding becomes important out on the fields.

Ian said that the skip was easily filled last Saturday during the All Hands volunteer period. No-one complained of uncovering scary wildlife (think mice, frogs and toads and such) when shifting things. Not quite everything could be squeezed into it but most of the debris that needed to go went in.

Among other work on the fields, a neat store for the posts has been created so that they are kept clean, neat and easily ready for use.