Any spare stencils?

stencilsGo Local Food has interesting plans for the next All Hands session on 25th February 2017. Artistic plans this time.

We are looking for any large stencils of numbers and letters that people can give us. We need to paint name signs for the different beds of vegetables to use as the season goes on.

This is definitely a different and unusual request and it could lead to a fun, creative session. If you can ask around your friends and neighbours that would be really great. All offerings can be taken up to the fields when you are collecting your crop share or given to one of the work shares to bringĀ along.

If you have anything suitable and are having trouble getting them to us – please get in contact so that we can sort things out.

You all know how much we appreciate your help with these extra jobs to improve the fields as well as being to involve you all in what we are doing.