Planning, planning, planning

finished carrot bedCome February it really is the time to have forward planning well in hand on the Go Local Food fields.

Grower Ian wants to get a moment to get the covers on the raised carrot bed in order to warm up the soil ready for early planting.

The seed order is eventually placed and we are awaiting delivery. We need to get the celeriac (needs a long growing season), leeks and successional sowing of broad beans going. And between times there is the replanting of the Jerusalem artichokes that aren’t being used in the crop shares so that we have a crop again next year.

The pepper plugs will soon arrive and will have to be planted on. Tomato plugs will arrive at the end of April followed by two deliveries of cucumbers (mid and end May).

This year there is not the pressure of managing brassica seedlings as Halls of Heddon are growing these on for us. They are using the alternate weeks when their staff are not planting items for themselves to manage our requirements which means that they have a steady run of work to keep them busy and paid. This allows us to support a local business as well as to better manage the work that needs to be done by our work shares.