People on the Go Local Food fields

Amy work share

Amy a new work share

Ian says that we have new work shares joining us at Go Local Food.

Amy turned up on a nice sunny Friday for her first working session – no those jeans are not a fashion design but her working jeans. She was taken by Joan and Jude to do her first task – spout stalk management. At least the ground was still wet from the rain last weekend so it should have been not the worst task for starters.

Annette and Chas are a twosome. Chas says if he had £1 for every time someone said Chas and Dave to him he would be seriously well off. Why do some pop duos stick in the memory so easily?

As I left the field, hurrying as ever to catch a bus I was introduced to Vicky Lindsay who was one of our original directors. She has stepped into the breach to take over as the volunteer coordinator. You will get to know her, if you don’t already, as she is around the Go Local Food fields organising volunteers.