Catching up with jobs in pictures

It’s thought that the crop share collection area may well be waterproof – felting has been applied to the roof! That’s a good move.pole rack

The promised racks for stacking poles on have been built.


There are some buddleias in tubs waiting to be dug in down by the old compost heap at the bottom of the fields. Hopefully these will take and form a hedge that is attractive to wild life. It’s unlikely that we shall get them to flower this year as it’s late planting and old stock. Maxine from Halls of Heddon allowed Ian to have a look through the pile and take what he thought would flourish. Thank you Maxine from Halls of Heddon.

Sorrel in bucketploughing

26 buckets of sorrel have been planted up after John spent time lifting it from outside where it hadn’t thrived. These buckets have been put in one of the poly tunnels to grow on for future crop shares And that cleared area has now been ploughed ready to be worked over so that it can be planted up later in the season.

parsley in buckets

Next to the sorrel are some very healthy looking tubs of parsley. Ian says that these could provide pick your own herbs next week as part of the crop share. And of course there is always the Friday job of bringing in the crop share.

sprouts coming in

barrow of leeks

Ian and sprouts