Crop share week ending 25th February 2017

This week's crop shareIan says potatoes, carrots, brussel sprout tops, onions, turnips (NOT swede), parsnips, greens

The main difference between a swede and a turnip is the appearance of the vegetable. Turnips are white-fleshed, and swedes are yellow-fleshed. Swedes are slightly larger, rounder and firmer than turnips, and their leaves are smoother.

But if you really want to know all about the differences then this is the website that will tell you.  I suppose that you will all want recipes for turnips as well? Well you had best go and look at this selection – beef and turnip stew in beer anyone? Turnip casserole? Turnip and bacon casserole? Pork and Turnip Fricassee ? The list goes on and there must be something there to suit everyone as there are vegetarian options too.