Those hanging baskets you gave us

poly tunnel with hanging basketsAll the hanging baskets that you have donated to us are now full of compost and sown with greens for future picking when they have grown. The extra growing space is much appreciated by grower Ian and the work shares as it allows more for all of you who receive a crop share each week (well except for the two weeks when we are closed after Christmas).

The Go Local Food poly tunnels are now brimming with growing crops for our members to receive in their crop shares.

All the beds in the poly tunnels are full of good things – kale, spinach, lambs lettuce, pak choi, radish, chard, Chinese cabbage …. And all sown successionally to keep the vegetables coming. And the hanging baskets have such things as mizuna in them.

The sorrel rescued from the field and planted up in tubs is looking as if it is going to thrive. The small rooted cuttings of a week ago are putting out shoots and leaves to prove that they are willing to be harvested later in the season.