Pressure of lambing work

Ian's lambsIan the grower takes holiday time from Go Local Food at this time of the year to be a shepherd and look after his flock which is lambing. Today he has a whole crowd of lambs that need to be bottle fed. And they were very talkative when I phoned him just now.  This means that he is pressured with the time that he has to keep the growing work on the fields running smoothly.

This morning on the phone he was bottling up to feed a crowd of lambs who had a lot to say for themselves – think that they were hungry. So I shan’t go and hassle him to see what is happening on the growing side of things as he will need all his time to keep the collecting of crop share vegetables and necessary growing work running smoothly.

So far this year Ian said that all had been going smoothly on the shepherding side of his work. Seems that today was to prove that he was being optimistic.