Can you help us out if you are clearing out?

thermos flaskThere are lots of things Go Local Food could usefully use on the field but which we don’t have the budget to buy. So anyone who could help us source any of the following would be a great friend. These are the things that would help us to run our social events as well as making it easier when we have volunteer evenings and all hands Saturdays.

Scales that measure in kilos – we always need more scales for weighing up crop shares!
Flasks to keep water hot, a couple of those big ones that are used for conferences would be really fabulous for the work share and volunteer tea breaks and also for the events we  have at the fields.
Tools – spades, forks, hoes, scissors, trowels – all in good working order of course please – are always needed.
Gas cooker – we have one but for busy days on the field a second gas burner/ camping gas ring is very helpful.
BBQ – Ian the grower’s BBQ has gone the journey and been retired due to old age and over work.  Another one before our summer event is a must!!

If you know of any of these things in good order please come to our rescue and fill up the gaps that we have. Maybe you know a gardener giving up an allotment with tools that still work or someone who has given up camping for the more comfortable life of caravan, motor home or stay at home so has a spare stove or so.