There’s a noise upon the fields

common sparrowSpring sounds abound as the birds look for nesting sites around the Go Local Food fields. Ian the grower says he has never seen so many blackbirds in the area and they are all squabbling over territory. The company of working volunteers and some traffic didn’t seem to deter the antics on the fields.

As well as blackbirds, robins, chaffinches, a few thrushes and a sparrow or two all add to the mix of sounds and territory grabs.

The downside of the big clear up undertaken by the volunteers on one of the All Hands Saturdays is that there are fewer nooks and crannies for nesting sites. We can only wait and see how many corners are discovered and “rented” by the local birds for the nesting period.

But it’s nice to know that the fields at Go Local Foods are becoming known to the wildlife as a safe haven.