Itchy growing fingers

seedling sowingNo longer can you find a space in the small poly tunnel that used to be the resting place for talk and coffee. Now that the snug is fully in action for work shares to grab a hot drink, the old space is a hive of growing industry.

Clearing up has been done and more shelving erected. And every inch is being pressed into service to get the season off to a good start. Jude and Amy had seed packets piled up on Friday morning and were sowing at a rate of knots. Rocket, leeks, mangetout peas were all showing their faces through the modules and trays.

Somewhere there are broad beans (succesional sowing), chard, borecole (what’s that asked Amy – curly kale said Ian – why learn a new thing every day said Amy who is one of the newer work shares but good on her for asking), beetroot and radicchio. All to be written up in the sowing book before the session ends of course so that a track can be kept of what and when. It’s a sort of history of the season is the red book – what was sown when and a guide to when to sow the succession. At the end of the season you can look back, see what was grown and have some idea of what did well and what was not such a good idea from the growing aspect.