Measuring up

More herb tubs herb tubs

All the remaining herb tubs were filled on the last Saturday of February during a very busy and successful All Hands session at the Go Local Food fields. Many are outside but some (for instance chives and the bay tree which looks as if it is going to flower prolifically any day now) are still taking up poly tunnel space to bring them on further whilst waiting for the real spring.

What was a small number of tubs a couple of weeks ago due to the work shares needing an indoor job because of the snow are now a small army of tubs. Of course they couldn’t stay in the small poly tunnel as that is now the most active area of work, full of seedlings and planting.

So one of the tasks that is urgently on grower Ian’s list is to measure up the space where the dome used to be (remember the days when the crop share was collected from the dome? – it seems a long time ago now). He has designs on making a herb protector frame to give us a space dedicated to herbs in buckets. As members do enjoy the cutting of free herbs in season as part of their crop share this could be a really well used area. It ought to make access to the tubs easier too.

Ian’s comment that the herbs are taking over the world certainly looks to be true at the moment.