Many pictures of activity on the fields

willow womanThe willow woman has taken possession of one of the wheelbarrows and it’s full of woven willow crops at the moment (Mmmm but not really tasty do you think?). She’s standing next to the willow arch which has already started to sprout. That’s a success then. Wonder what will happen when someone wants the wheelbarrow back for work purposes ….

carrots under cover

The raised bed has now a couple of rows of carrots in it and also turnips broadcast around these. The covers have been firmly tied down against future high winds – the sowing could have been done in the spell of mild and very windy weather.

the growing compost heap

The compost heap which is being filled up by the local horse is both warm and larger by the week. Remember that this is going to be the squash bed this year.

A prospering poly tunnel

The poly tunnels are providing home grown items for the members’ crop shares. With outdoor winter crops coming to the end on the Go Local Food fields, it’s what can be produced in the poly tunnels that is providing our “grow your own” at the moment and this will be so for a couple of months till outside gets going again. Bring on the spring weather.