All Hands Saturday

New raised bedsWhilst the scarecrow competition was in progress last Saturday morning, William – one of our Go Local Food work shares – lead a team of volunteers in creating raised beds. These are going beside the poly tunnels to make use of the ground that is not in use as growing space at the moment. Part of the space available for these beds is due to a previous session of All Hands Saturday when there was a major clear up that filled a skip. You see – one thing leads to another!

Like the raised bed between the lower poly tunnels that is being used for carrots at present, these extra raised beds will make give Grower Ian and the work shares more space to raise vegetables for the weekly crop shares. The more of the fields that we can use, the more productive we can be.

If you want to know more about becoming a member and receiving a weekly crop share then the full details can be found on our website and you will be warmly welcomed by everyone at Go Local Food.