Rusby Wrapper Mark 2

Last season we had this machine devised by Mr Rusby to help us lay biodegradable cornstarch on the Go Local Fields to help warm up the soil and keep down the weeds – an excellent labour saving device. Remember  it? It worked but it was decided it was experimental and that better could be done.

Constarch laying machine

Over the winter work has been going on to create the Rusby Wrapper Mark 2. And here it is – not quite pristine as it has been well used on the fields already before the photographer got to it.

Rusby Wrapping Machine M2

Quite a different looking machine isn’t it? Seems that – as ever – there are one or two small tweaks required to make it work perfectly. But you can look down the fields and see where it has been used. Next time you visit – take a peek at what is going on before you rush away with your crop share in your hand and see the rows of biodegradable cornstarch already in place.