The Raised Beds

Raised bedsThree raised beds were created during All Hands Saturday.

They will be known as Hexham, Corbridge and Ovington.

The next three beside the next polytunnel, when built, will be known as Ovingham, Wylam and Horsley.

Why? Well the work shares have to know which one is which when told to go and plant them up. And the names follow the town and villages along the Tyne Valley. That seems as good an idea as any. All we need now is to build the next three and then persuade someone to come and paint the names on each one of them to finish off the job.

carrot seedlingsMeanwhile the raised bed that was created last year is beginning to look productive.  You can just see the carrots showing themselves whilst the turnips are showing through as well too.

It just goes to show that the planning and sowing is beginning to come good outside as well as inside. At the moment Go Local Food, along with all vegetable growers in the UK, is in that period known as the Hungry Gap when the fields have been cleared of winter crops and the stores are low or used up before the early broad beans and similar appear again.  The poly tunnels are allowing us to stock the crop shares but as with every year we expect to buy in to top these up.

This year Grower Ian says that the organic root crop (potatoes, onions, carrots and such) available to us from other suppliers ran out much earlier than expected. It seems that these suppliers looked at the demand there had been in 2016 and planted expecting to have the same level of sales but have been faced with a higher than expected demand.