London Vineyard

From the On Your Farm programmes on BBC Radio 4:

“We meet the volunteers of Forty Hall Vineyard – a 10 acre organic vineyard in north London just within the M25. The vineyard is the first commercial scale vineyard in London since the middle ages, and is run and managed by the local community. They planted the first vines in 2009 and are now producing their own English still and sparkling wines. Forty Hall is also a local food project and provides volunteering opportunities and health and well-being benefits to a wide range of local people. Philippa Hall visits the vineyard at the peak of Spring pruning to hear about how the project got off the ground.”

To listen to this:

This is a little bit different to the Go Local Food crop share scheme but it shows what can be done by community groups who want to produce their own crops. I’m not sure that vines would be very happy up on the fields that we use though. Something to ask Ian the grower sometime!