Much sowing of seeds

Bunches of RadishIn the propagator shed:

Squashes, borlotti beans (you know – the ones with pink stripped pods), basil and coriander

In the working poly tunnel:

Dwarf curly kale, black Tuscany kale, Lollo Rosso cut and come again red lettuce, Matrioski lettuce (flat leaf cut and come again lettuce), peas, celeriac, marrows and courgettes, Paris atlas carrots, radish, onion sets, parsley, coriander, Musselborough leeks, more broad beans, dwarf French beans (Stanley, runner beans (Firestorm), climbing French bean (Cobra) and some Komatsuna.

It all looks very full.

There’s a hundred lettuce been planted out on the fields yesterday. If you look hard you can see the beetroot seedlings, carrot seedlings and even the odd parsnip seedlings all showing through in beds around the poly tunnels.

The work shares have been busy! Go Local Food is now in full growing mode and preparing for another productive season (we hope).