Outside work in the fields

comfreyIf you spotted someone working very late (10 pm) a couple of Mondays back, it was Ian taking a little time from his last days lambing this season and working in a hurry. He was earthing up the early potatoes which were showing through to prevent frost damage. There was only a slight degree of frost but he wanted to ensure that the potatoes didn’t get set back.

Comfrey is being cut back and the leaves laid in the bean trenches in preparation for planting out. This is to give the beans a food source! Comfrey is excellent as a fertiliser and is growing freely round the Go Local Food fields. So good to use.

For the first time ever on the fields, watering is required outside due to the lack of rain and the drying winds. It looks lovely and sunny but it is still very windy.  The wind is certainly stopping crops thriving on the fields even though they are doing their best to grow.

Attention is being paid to the rabbit proof fencing round the fields – apparently it’s not rabbit proof at the moment and is being patched as every new “leak” is found.