Happy 5th Birthday to us

Our first harvest!!

Our first harvest picked in 2012

Go Local Food was started in 2011 but didn’t start growing our own crops on the fields till 2012. So it’s time to celebrate five years of crop growing this year. A good excuse for a party don’t you think? So here’s the plan.

Field – Fizz – Friday – Fandango! for members and their guests, Friday 9th June, 5 – 7 pm

An opportunity to raise a glass! Come and collect your veg on Friday? or just come and join in – AND – bring a friend, neighbour, colleague, or someone you have been trying to persuade to join. We’ll have a tour of the fields for any new faces and there will be an chance to win a year’s crop share.

To make this work, we are going to need to know numbers in advance. Look out for the sign up sheet that will be in the Palace.

And look out for that wheelbarrow which is now being used by the willow person we built this year.