Using the latest invention

Compost sieveThe ground on the Go Local Food fields is so dry that turning over to plant out is a bad idea – it’s like brick making soil with great big clods.  So the work around is to dig a trench and then use the newest invention to produce nice fine compost to fill up the dug out space.

This is how Ian and the work shares have been making legume trenches this week. A second row of peas has been planted out (podding ones) in one trench, as well as another row of broad beans in a second one and climbing borlotti beans in another (which apparently were in need of watering on Friday).

A further trench using the same method and the same invention will have to be created when the last of the broad beans has been sown in modules and bought on ready for the outside world.

This latest invention has already proved it’s worth this season.