It’s a bank holiday Monday

sprout plantWill it rain today like the forecast says it should? There’s a yellow weather warning available for possible heavy rain but it doesn’t cover the North East! The tourist attractions will be unhappy if it does but the gardeners, growers and farmers will welcome some rain.

Planting out the sprouts in the new space near the Palace up at the Go Local Food fields last week proved how dry the ground has become. To find any damp at all, it was a case of going some three inches down to find any moisture at all.

On the other hand, this dry weather has allowed the weeds to be knocked over and left on the ground to bake in the sun in the full knowledge that they will not grow again.

Just as an aside and a variation on water troubles, Ian our grower was late in on Thursday due to having to make emergency repairs to the water trough that supplies his livestock (something to do with rampant escapee cows from elsewhere).