Kale for breakfast?

Poached egg with greens

Poached egg with greens

We’ve been making a conscious effort to reduce our meat consumption – in particular we have virtually cut out processed meat completely. Unfortunately, I’m a savoury breakfast sort of gal and love nothing better than a bap with quality sausages, beans and brown sauce. So facing a weekend breakfast we’ve got a double dilemma – no bacon or sausages but mountains of kale.

Our current favourite veggie breakfast is buttered sourdough toast with greens and a poached egg covered in cheese sauce. If you’re using kale, slice it thinly, boil or steam until tender, drain very well, toss with olive oil or butter and season with salt and pepper. Cheese sauce in our house is made with whatever cheese happens to be lying around, though I’m partial to a Emmentaler or mature cheddar, and a little mustard and a shake of Tabasco. If you’ve got a hot grill, flash it under for a lovely brown top, but don’t overcook the runny yolk.

To make the perfect poached egg, use the clingfilm technique shown here. I simmer gently for five minutes because I loath runny egg whites. Be sure to oil the clingfilm though. If you’ve got some truffle oil sitting around (what? don’t we all?) and you’re wondering what to do with it, add a drop to the egg before poaching and the aroma will blow you away.




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