Bad rabbit week

Wild RabbitA gang of rabbits was found to be hiding under the old and weedy bonfire that was sited in the Go Local Fields. They were out of sight and not expected. We thought that our work shares, volunteers and Ian our grower had cured all the ways that rabbits could get through the fencing. Till one third of the peas disappeared and there was a search for culprits.

Now how did the rabbits get onto the fields to hide in the bonfire? Why under the gate where the tractor had been going in and out of the field and compressing a nice little rabbit tunnel. That was quite easy to cure if hard labour.

The bonfire has now been moved out of the fields so that it’s not a hiding place for anything and anybody that might attack the crops. However in moving it, the clutch on the tractor burnt out. So no tractor till the clutch is repaired. What makes you think that the rabbits are winning this week?

The only good thing in this whole situation is that the rabbits didn’t get to eat all the peas and so long as nothing else decides to eat peas there should be some for the crop share in the near future.