Working on the fields

marrowIt’s the busy time for vegetable gardeners and growers to make sure that growing areas are full ready for future picking of crops. That goes for Go Local Food too. More soil has been turned ready for various brassicas out on the fields and we are hoping that in the next week the fields will be full.

Having moved the bonfire from the site in the fields there is now room for a marrow bed in the new cleared space.

There is hay round the strawberries to protect them from creatures who would like to eat them before we pick them. The new potatoes have been tested and found wanting (lack of rain probably). The final sowing of broad beans should be made this weekend – these will be directly sown into the ground.

Time has been spent mulching and covering to preserve the rain that fell overnight and into Thursday morning.

Pea frames needed to go up and dwarf beans planting out. And the paths need to be kept weeded.

So all in all it has been a busy few days out on the fields. And with it being half term week some of the work shares have taken holiday time so it has been just a bit busier than normal for those who were still coming in.