Enjoyable rain

rainYes, the fields at Go Local Food have really enjoyed the rain this week. The soil has been properly soaked and the weeds such as docks come out with ease.

Not often do you hear that rain is enjoyable even when it’s welcome. Especially if you have to work outside in it. But with this year having been on the really dry side, a good steady day’s rain has been most welcome by growers and gardeners. Followed by another couple of bursts of rain on different days which has allowed the water to soak into the ground rather than run off or sit as puddles.

The only downside of nature’s watering was the wind that came with the rain on Tuesday. But it seems not to have caused too much damage to the outside crops on our fields – only the climbing French beans have been checked.

And even better – today’s rain has not affected any of the events that we would normally hold on a Saturday.