Summer planting on the fields

pattypan squashIt’s brassica (the cabbage family to most of us) planting time at the Go Local Food fields. Calabrese, red cabbages, stonehead cabbages, and Sunta cabbages are the ones that are filling up spaces.

Ian, our grower, says that Sunta cabbages are a new variety to us. It’s described in the online catalogues as:

“One of the earliest maturing, small solid ball head varieties. Very compact.”

“A very attractive round, green summer cabbage. Flexible variety allowing harvesting throughout the summer and autumn.”

Yes I had to go and look it up as it’s a new variety to me as well. We learn something new every day here at Go Local.

But also out on the fields dwarf French beans and Florence Fennel are also filling up the spaces. As an aside, the dwarf beans are being planted on ridges to keep the pods clean as they didn’t seem to like growing through the biodegradable cornstarch that we use to help keep the weeds under control last season. Oh and 70 pattypan squashes have been planted out – a real summer crop.

There is also ploughing and laying of biodegradable cornstarch for the celeriac crop too. It’s the busy season for growing.