Lots of baby birds

lesser redpollA red poll has been spotted on the Go Local Fields this week. A what?

The RSPB says: “This tiny finch – only slightly bigger than a blue tit – is streaky and brown with patches of red on its head and sometimes its breast. They like to hang upside down to feed in trees. It has recently been ‘split’ from the mealy (or common) redpoll, a larger and paler species which is a winter visitor to the UK.” Don’t think that we have mentioned the red poll as being seen on the fields before. This could be a new visitor then.

We also have a surfeit of young birds on the fields. The pigeons (of course), robins, yellow hammers and wrens have all been busy breeding. It looks as if Mrs Jenny Wren is about to have a second clutch as she and mate are busy nest building.

Go Local Food must be providing the right environment for the wild life to have such a variety of birds breeding in the area. Even if they do think that the strawberries are there specially for them to eat.