Planting out like crazy

red cabbageIan our grower and the work shares are planting out at a great pace this week to get the Go Local Food fields full and the working poly tunnel empty.

Celeriac, pumpkins and Rudolph the red winter cabbages (yes that really is the variety honest, no jokes please) have all made the outside world.

At the moment there is a playing with plastic woven matting to go under the marrows on the cleared bonfire area. It’s a case of trying to find a piece to fit without having to make a jigsaw of smaller pieces. We don’t want a lot of left over pieces that can’t be used in the future (think cost). Apparently not only will this help protect the marrows but it will keep at bay the thriving crop of weeds that have appeared in the space.

With some of the work shares taking summer holidays, the successional sowing is rather behind. This is an important part of the work cycle to keep the vegetables coming for the weekly crop shares.