New ideas for new potatoes

New PotatoesNew potatoes in the crop share – summer must be around the corner! Here are a couple of my favourite ways to prepare them.

Garlic smashed potatoes.  Boil, smash, top with olive oil, garlic and herbs and roast until crispy. This a great recipe when you’re having guests over as you can have the tray of potatoes prepared up until the roasting bit for a couple of hours before you finish them off in the oven.

I made buckets of this potato salad every week when I ran Bradley Gardens in the early 2000s. There are two tricks for fabulous potato salad. The first is that you need to cook the potatoes specifically for the salad. If you use cold ones from the fridge you won’t end up with the lovely creaminess that comes from some of the edges of the potatoes slightly dissolving into the mayonnaise. The second is that you have to use Hellman’s mayo – others are just pale imitations.

Potato Salad

If you are going to chill it, let it come back to nearly room temperature before you serve it. Some people like to put a couple of chopped eggs into it as well though I could never convince my family that it was a good idea.

Combine and let sit for around 20 minutes at room temperature before serving:

  • New potatoes, cooked, sliced and cooled to just warm
  • Hellmans mayonnaise
  • Red wine vinegar (to taste)
  • Chopped red onion
  • Chopped celery
  • Salt & pepper