News from the fields

Rusby Wrapping Machine M2More ploughing, rotovating and laying of bio-degradable cornstarch has been done in order to prepare more space for winter brassicas. Apparently the rows are not very straight mind you. Not sure what the tractor driver had in his flask in the hot weather but Ian, our grower, does admit that he has never been very good at absolutely straight lines anyway.

More successional sowing has been undertaken – chard, beetroot, fennel, carrots, French beans and peas to but name a few items to keep the harvest coming for the weekly crop shares.

Any crop that is not netted outside is subject to being eaten by the wild life which seems to be mostly rabbits and pigeons at the moment (as usual). Ian feels that a better system of securing the netting in place needs to be sought.

The first tomatoes have set in the poly tunnel housing the tomato plants. It took Ian two days to thoroughly cut back the side shoots. This is just one of those jobs and sometimes more side shoots seem to grow as soon as you turn your back.

There is a row of potatoes that is worrying our grower. The recent weather has been hot and humid and these conditions have been ideal for the spread of blight. As it is lifting time for the new potatoes to be included in the weekly crop shares, this could be bad news.

The grass paths are being cut regularly now but it seems that keeping up with the weeding is a bit more of a chore.