The Local Wood Pigeons

wood pigeonThe wood pigeons are as rampant as ever as we at Go Local Food seem to say each year. Of course their diet is crops like cabbages, sprouts, peas and grain and also buds, shoots, seeds, nuts and berries. Which means that the crops we grow are essentially a mainstay of their diet so there is a good reason why we see so many of them.

The wood pigeon seems to have no natural predators which explains why there are so many of them. A fox may consider taking a pigeon but has a preference for other wild life. A rabbit may well be preferred. The same goes for the sparrowhawk. Mind you, with the number of rabbits at present, the fox and the sparrowhawk could feed well in the area of Go Local Food before considering the pigeon population.

It doesn’t help that we have run out of our normal netting and are using black netting.  The pigeons have worked out how to stand on the black netting in use to flatten it and get at the goodies underneath. It looks as if we need some other form of deterrent.