Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Weather

mange toutThe sun is shining in London and the rain that normally causes havoc with the lawn tennis championships has come to Northumberland. Go Local Food has found that the wet weather has done wonders for all the crops that are planted out on the fields. It’s a little harder to get things out of the working poly tunnel and into the ground where necessary of course. And to keep up with the weeding.

Notable in the crops is the mangetout – the rabbits decimated the proper peas but the mangetout has been roaring away as you may have noticed in your crop share.  We have had three crops which is good. Squashes are going out apace and seem to be enjoying the weather as do the potatoes which have really come on with the rain. Just at the right time it seems.

Mind you – as you will have noticed Ian our grower is finding that things are not exactly growing as he would wish – note the five chillis, one cucumber and a few cauliflowers that have had to be added to the crop share as raffles because they are maturing out of rotation in small numbers.