Broad bean and Little Gem problems

broad beansThe work shares have told Ian that the Go Local Food broad beans have just about finished. No! No! was the distraught cry, this cannot be as they usually go on for weeks yet.

But when he went to carry out an inspection it was even as he had been told. Mind you we are not the only people who have had a poor year with broad beans. On the gardening forums elsewhere, down south there are no problems but as we come further north the harvest is less than satisfactory in some areas.

This is to add to Ian’s unhappiness that he has a packet of Little Gem Lettuce that does not want to germinate even after three attempts using different methods and he has no idea why as every other sort of lettuce he has sown has grown and thrived happily. As members will find in their crop share this week – but there will be no Little Gem.

There is also a murmur that the turnips are not behaving as they should. But that’s another tale for another time.