Successional Sowings

seedlingsEarly and late seed sowing at Go Local Food to go in members’ weekly crop shares has caused no problems, grew and thrived or are growing and thriving. However there’s a period in the middle where crops are just sitting there neither thriving or dying. Ian, our grower, is unable to put his finger on what is the cause of this.

New seed bought from our regular supplier, sown by our regular work shares and Ian our grower in the normal compost or properly cared for soil in the poly tunnels. We have heard nothing from our seed supplier that they have had complaints about any of their seeds (sometimes this happens if there are many complaints from customers.

But if the very late sowing of runner beans comes to nothing, we shall not be surprised. Halls of Heddon had some stock left over that hadn’t sold and grower Ian was loathe to see them thrown away. The plants were somewhat tangled but with a little work enough of them were worth a trial against available supports. If we gain extras for the crop shares then we have a bonus and if we don’t well there’s a good chance of nitrogen being added to an area of soil from the roots along with a donation to the compost heap. Whichever way you look at things, we stand to gain.