We said the same last week

Plum TomatoNothing seems to have changed up at the Go Local Food fields since last week.

The propagating shed is in full use as it’s not very warm elsewhere for bringing on the successional sowings. Well yes, that’s the same as last week. But at least the sowing includes parsley and rocket as well as pak choi and Chinese cabbage this week.

The tomatoes are slow to ripen – as we said last week.  And it’s still an ongoing job tying them up, pinching out and taking off the bottom leaves. That last is recommended by Gardeners’ World  on the telly! Well there you go – either we are doing something right or they learnt from us.

The seven day weather forecast for the area doesn’t look to be one bit warm and summery like August is supposed to be. No wonder the crops are confused. We said that last week.

The fields are all set but the summer crops are hanging about so the winter items are behind going in. We said that last week.

Anyway it’s a good season for potatoes! And brassicas.