The regular routine

green peppersTo keep the crop shares coming the usual work has to be done. Needs must or no crop shares. Potatoes are being lifted and spaces filled with pak choi and kale. More kale needs sowing and winter swedes are being bought on in modules to fill in the gaps in the rows outside.

The fields on either side of Go Local Food have long since been combined and the straw baled. This removes the cover from the rabbits who are now looking for new homes and new food supplies (yes our crops as usual). So far the pigeons seem to be finding enough grain to keep them away – it won’t last of course.

And with the windy days we are getting every few days crop covers need checking. To keep off the pesky pigeons. As well as the fencing needs regular checking to keep out the rabbits.

The sweet peppers have been slow to produce – Maxine from Halls of Heddon suggested earthing them up as possibly they weren’t planted deep enough so that has been done.

It’s probably boring to read again but it’s the boring routine that keeps the food coming.